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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stay out of trouble, and eat your veggies!‏ March 7, 2016

...That's a quote by Harold who is my first ever PROGRESSING
INVESTIGATOR!!!! Oh my lanta this is so exciting you guys you have no
idea. Even though he's in Cottonwood we're still claiming him as ours
(maybe Walnut Creek will get a break one day). Ahh he is just so
awesome! We've had three lessons with him, he's come to two firesides,
we got to take him around the trail center, and he's accepted to be
baptized! I love him!

Zone training was the best one yet! We talked about this new website if you haven't been on it yet you should totes go check
it out. It has a bunch of service opportunities in the community where
you live and it's nation wide. We get to use it which is exciting! Our
stake president, President Derrick, came and talked with us about
working more with the members, being like a firework in the mission
field, and just making the most of the short time we have to be
representatives of Jesus Christ. It was super spiritual but then at
the very end when he walking out he yelled "Go kick butt!" It was
great and got us all super pumped. :) I love being a missionary!

Something else super exciting coming up is the church has a new video
campaign for Easter that's being released on March 13th! We already
got to watch it. ;) It's so awesome but all I'm going to say is

Other highlights from the week:

1. We served at the free health clinic and Dr. Fischer took us out for
dinner afterwards at this delicious pizza place!
2. We took a tour that lasted for almost three hours with some elders
from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and their investigator! It was so so so
3. Some sisters who went home from their missions came back to visit
which was fun!
4. The Tervorts, aka my favorite senior couple ever, are leaving and
my heart is breaking but we've already talked about meeting up later
when I'm off the mish!
5. We got to clean the temple this morning!

Until we meet again! :)

Sister Irwin

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