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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An eggcelent week‏ March 28. 2016

Hey homies! I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

On Saturday morning we had a brunch at the church with little
activities for the kids. Sister Young and I worked hard to make the
egg scavenger hunt. There were 24 eggs and in each one there was a
symbol (i.e. cross, stone, linen) and a scripture that went along with
it to tell the Easter story. It went really well and people seemed to
enjoy it!

That night we were on shift at the trail center but then the senior
elders took over so that all of us girls could go downstairs and watch
the women's session of conference on the big screen. I can't wait for
this weekend!!! #ldsconf #sopumped

We had Easter dinner with the Denos' and all their extended family so
it was super cray cray with kids running in all directions but it was
so fun and we had great food so what more could you ask for? :) They
also invited us to watch conference and have breakfast with them next

We did more with the online teaching center and had a voicemail from
this guy named Patrick. He's from Indiana and said he had met "three
tall elders on the street". He didn't have their phone number but
wanted to meet with them so he somehow ended up calling So
we called him back and were able to give him the number of his local
missionaries. He's not a member but said he's ready for church! He
said he doesn't think he's talented but he likes to encourage people
and share what he can to help people. He was just the sweetest old
man! Hopefully he was able to have a lesson, we still need to call him
back to see how he's doing. :)

I love the gospel and I love how the Lord is hastening the work with
the use of technology! Now if we could just get ipads...

Later gators!

Sister Irwin

P.S. We're in charge of the bulletin board in the kitchen at the trail center :)

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