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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Bittersweet August 29, 2016

Hey y'all!

So it turns out that we had our last lesson with Ricky and he's
officially the YSA sisters' investigator to teach. It was sad but I
know this is the right thing for him because they can have better
fellowshippers for him and involve him in church and activities with
people his own age! The handover lesson went great and he actually
agreed to work towards a baptismal date on Oct. 5th, which is his
birthday!! :) Hopefully that goes through because it will be the
happiest day ever.

Another happy thing is the amazing progress that the Prusias are
making! They've been studying the scriptures every day and are finding
things that apply to them. I wish I could better explain the
experience we had at our lesson the other night but the Spirit was
just so strong. Sister Preator and I felt prompted to invite Brother
Prusia to search for the answer himself to one of his questions in the
scriptures, and also to read a specific conference talk. What none of
us knew was that the place where he was reading in Matthew 5 was
exactly what was mentioned in the talk and he knew, without a doubt
that this was true and that things from the past shouldn't control his
life. No matter what happens with people in the church, whether you're
offended or feel lonely or anything, the gospel of Jesus Christ is
100% true. People may not be perfect but the gospel is. It's not about
the social aspect as much as understanding the importance of the
promises you can make with God and the blessings that come into your
life from living in a way that is harmony with His teachings. Only you
are in control of the latter. Don't let others take away that

One last thing, the Egberts in our ward should be the poster family
for member missionary work because they are so willing to help out and
introduce their friends. Sister Egbert gave us the address for a
friend's mom from her kids' school and her name is Michelle. We
stopped by her house and she invited us inside right away and was so
friendly. She let us wash her dishes and help her with dinner while we
taught her the Restoration! We also tried helping her unlock the
bedroom door that her little boy had locked with no luck...(she texted
us later that she fixed it) But the best part was she literally took
the Book of Mormon from my hands and asked if she could have it. YES!

Sister Irwin

My diagram from zone conference
10 months with squad
Adventures at Boys Town

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