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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Something I didn't realice before August 22, 2016

Hello there!

Shout out to my adorable little cousin Katelyn who got baptized on
Saturday! What a day to remember! Also thank you to her mom Cheryse
who is posting all of these letters on my blog. If you've missed some
of my emails or if you're crazy enough to read them again you can find
them on

Fun fact of the week: Sister Gurr and I found out we have the same
ancestor that's buried in the pioneer cemetery and we share the same
great great grandpa which means our family is having a party up in
heaven because their long lost granddaughters found each other! :)

Zone conference was such a spiritual blast! We've been studying what
it means to have a change of heart. These are the steps President
Gardner talked about:
1. Hearing/studying the word
2. Actions of faith
3. Being humble to repent
4. Righteous desires
The more our heart changes to become more Christlike, the happier we
will be! Commandments will seem less like rules because we will want
to do what is right. We all made diagrams on our own interpretations
of a change of heart and I'll have to send a picture next week because
President wanted to look at them. However, Sister Preator and I did
get to share them with Bob and Lucy and they thought it was pretty
cool! ♥ - Alma 5:26

Three quick miracles...

The Trail Center is slowly starting to die down so we have more time
to do online chats and calls! We had an AMAZING lesson over the phone
with this girl named Julia who's been researching the church for THREE
YEARS! We had an opening and closing prayer and taught the
Restoration. She asked a lot of great questions and believes
everything is true but has been hesitant to meet with missionaries
because she didn't think her parents would approve. Since she's now
away at college she agreed to have them stop by and she totally wants
to be baptized!!

We have been working with this hilarious couple, the Prusias, for a
while now and we just started going through the 12 step program to
help them quit smoking. I love them so much and they really do want to
change their lives around. Just when we thought they'd never commit,
they finally came to church yesterday for the first time in almost a
year! :)

After 7 loads of laundry, 18 trash bags, and 24 hours later...we are
lice free! Let's hope our testimonies are the only thing we share...

Sister Irwin

P.S. Softball with the gang at zone conference, ward party Mexican
style with our Methodist parents, rewarding ourselves after the

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