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Monday, June 20, 2016

The sisters ate all the ice cream!‏ June 20, 2016

"Keep looking good. Keep serving God," said a man in the ghetto. He
told us to tell everyone so there it is folks. Haha! I love Eagle Run.

So we didn't eat allllll the ice cream, but that's what we told the
little boy to tell the elders after they awkwardly showed up at the
members' house when we were eating dinner because they were told they
were having dinner there too! There was a miscommunication because
elders and sisters can't team up for lessons/meals with members so
they went outside to eat with the dad. We had ice cream sundaes for
dessert and ate them in front of the window because sometimes you just
have to tease elders. :)

Soo fun stuff, we got to take the new TC sisters, Baird and Church out
to visit people and go tracting! They are so sweet and way more
prepared than I was because I don't think I barely even said anything
my first day talking to real people!

Other highlights from this week...
Sister Parsons and I visited with Sister Ravenburg whom we love so
much because she's so sweet and spunky and we can talk about anything
and everything with her. She said something so profound that I wanted
to share; she takes her trials as a compliment because she feels like
she has a lot of faith. The hardships we go through can really
sometimes be opportunities from God to learn and grow, as long as we
rely on the Lord to help us.
I spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday and Lucy came with her friend
Ruth! It was great to see them there. :)

Shout out to all the dads who rock our socks! Have a fantastic week. :)

Sister Irwin

1. Homemade crepes for breakfast? Yes please!
2. Had a lesson with Kathy and we did some crochet
3. Photo opp flower
4. It's great to be 8
5. Sister Baird and Sister Church

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