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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Homeless but not hopeless‏ June 13, 2016

This week we saw a homeless man with a sign off the side of the road
and we felt like we should park the car and talk with him. It turns
out he has no family and he's been homeless for six years because of
his addictions. He was waiting for the bus so we didn't have a ton of
time to talk with him but we told him how to get help through the
church's 12 step program and he was really grateful and said that's
what he needed. We'll probably never see him again, but I hope he's
able to change his life around - and I know he can through Christ!

So something that's never happened before...we went to visit our
investigator Ricky and we found him sleeping on the floor haha.
Brother Wright kicked him and he still wouldn't wake up so we figured
we'd just come back another time! Ya snooze ya lose. The good news is
that we had another lesson with him this past week and we watched the
Joseph Smith movie. :) It was so neat because we asked him how he felt
after the movie and he said that weirdly enough he was actually really
happy. He was sad and disappointed about the persecutions of the early
saints, but he said he still felt happy about the church being
restored. He also made the comment that Joseph Smith was like Jesus
Christ, in the sense that they both sacrificed so much for others and
the Gospel! That blew my mind that he saw that similarity because I
don't even make that connection sometimes! It is so true though, the
sacrifices made by our Savior and His prophets are so great and they
bless our lives forever.

Last night was a blast because Bob and Lucy had their neighbors the
Johnson's (Phil, Rana, Sean, and Mary) over for dinner! These are the
super nice ones who let us stay in their house when we got locked out
of ours! We had an extravagant taco bar and skillet that we helped
with, and then afterwards we had a lesson and played Wacky Six. Since
all of them are super religious we said we wanted to "practice"
teaching them the Restoration while emphasizing the Priesthood, like
we learned from our last zone training. It went really well and the
Johnson's ended up taking home a pamphlet. :)

Sad news...Sister Funk and Sister Temp are going home this week from
the TC, and Sister Johnson and Elder Magleby! :( Since Elder Mapu went
home last transfer, after this next one all my original leaders will
be gone because Elder Sherman goes home too! They grow up too fast...

Other highlights from the week:
I got to take Sister Esplin's (as in first counselor of the primary
general presidency who just got released Sister Esplin) husband and
son on tour!
We had a group of three little kids come up to us on the street asking
us for Bibles and Book of Mormons!
I had an eye appointment at Costco the other day and Sister Gardner
and her mom met us so we got to hang out with them for a little bit
and we went around and tried all the free samples!
It finally hit 3 digits and everyone thinks I'm crazy for enjoying it! #AZprobs

Keep it real.

Sister Irwin

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