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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hair we go again March 6, 2017

Happy news!!! Amber from Bellevue 1st is getting baptized in a few weeks! And the best part is that her husband got the priesthood and is going to be baptizing her!! I can't wait to see them and little Stasia and Sammy again! 😅

Last Tuesday was so awesome! Something I've noticed a lot is the days where the most miracles take place, are sometimes the hardest at first! It started out super rough; it was dark and dreary, planning took way longer than it should have, no one was answering their phone, we drove around from place to place and no one was home, I even dropped my scriptures in the street. :( It wasn't until the end of the day that we decided to try an unlocked apartment complex that Tanner had told us about. We'd been praying for about a week to find a girl with short hair, wearing pink. We almost didn't try this one door because it looked dark through the peephole. We were about to turn away but then music started playing! We knocked and a girl named Sarah opened the door, with short hair...wearing a pink jacket! It was a miracle! :) She was so nice and we started to have a lesson right there one her doorstep, but she wasn't feeling good and needed to go lay down. She actually had come home early from work because she was sick, and if she hadn't we wouldn't have met her! Praying for specifics is something we've been doing all over the mission, and there are SO MANY MIRACLES! 

This week we met Sami who just got put into our ward after the boundary change, and it turns out that she knows Brooke Day! I swear it is such a small world. She's now our new best friend and both her and her brother (he just got home 4 days ago from his mission in Paris!) have come out with a few times for lessons! :) 

Another cool miracle is once upon a time, Sister Janson and I took two ladies on tour. They were both nonmembers and we were struggling to think of a commitment to leave with them. We put them in the video and said a prayer in the study room. Almost instantly I felt like we needed to invite them to do family history, which is so weird because I've never challenged someone who's not a member to do that! I told Sister Janson and she said she was thinking the exact same thing! We told that experience to the ladies, and one of them said she'd been wanting to work on her family history! Wow. I just love the Holy Ghost! I know as we follow promptings from the Spirit, we will be blessed.

We also met with one of our ward missionaries, Manny! He is so cool and I really hope he decides to serve a mission! If there's anyone out there who's debating whether you should serve a mission....just do it! Pray about. See what God says. Act on any prompting you get. I promise it will change your life. Missions are way hard, but the blessings are more than I could ever imagine. "If ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work." - D&C 4:3

Sister Irwin

1. Happy belated 16 months ahh!
2. Sami! <3
3. The Bascom's farewell :(
4. What happens when you have a hair stylist in the ward....(colors are less extreme in person)

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