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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The church is true Febraury 20, 2017

Hello beautiful people!

Wow. So many exciting things this week. I thought Ricky had dropped off the face of the earth, but I heard that he texted the Eagle Run sisters and Brother Bruun is taking him out to lunch! Also, I got to see Carrie the other day! She is doing so much better and is living in a nicer place. The happiest news of all: Kathy's husband, Scott, got baptized!!! :) President let us go and it was so good to see them and other old friends.

Sister Firth and I had another lesson with chill Dave! We both love that kid. He's so funny and really sincere! He's also reading his scriptures! He asked a few "frequently asked anti-questions" but we got them all cleared up. Dave likes how happy Mormons are and really admires the strength of the pioneers. He said that right there is a good starting point in proof that there's a God! He prayed again at the end of the lesson. I hope and pray that the Spirit touches him and testifies that there really is a God - that He's our Heavenly Father and He loves us!

The assistants gave us two referrals, John and another David, who are neighbors. We had a hand off lesson on Saturday and awkwardly managed to fit all six of us outside on John's tiny trailer home porch. We couldn't go inside because we weren't able to find another female to come with us. There were so many awkward and hilarious encounters, but the funniest was when Elder Karl was praying we heard "hey, hey you! Whoever parked their car in front of my house needs to move it! I need it moved right now" was our car so we drove away in the middle of our lesson, trying to find another place to park! The crazy thing is we weren't even blocking his driveway and he didn't pull his car out or anything. But despite all the chaos, John and David both came to church! And so did four Muslim students from UNO who just walked in during sacrament meeting! They've only been in the United States for two months, and want to learn more about Jesus Christ! We made sure to get all of their information!

Last bit of crazy news, the boundaries changed between the Papillion and Omaha stakes. We lost the Old Mill ward and gained Millard and Chalco Hills. We ended up losing more people overall, including half of our relief society presidency! This is a hard change for a lot of people, but I know the Lord has a plan! Transfers are also this week and we have no clue what's happening, but all is well. :)

Sister Irwin

1. Life size version of hungry hungry hippos
2. We love YSA family home evening!
3. Tanner loved his birthday present :)
4. Scott and Kathy <3
5. We love Brookelyn!
6. Shalyn and Melissa are leaving us :(
7. Best friend Sister Cope is going home </3

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