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Monday, December 5, 2016

Another one bites the dust December 5, 2016

Sooo transfers happened and our trio is back down to two! Sister Parsons is in Cottonwood again, but Sister Beck and I are still here in Bellevue. There's so many other new changes. President Gardner is starting to make this a regular thing where sisters from the Trail Center can get pulled out for full proselyting for a few transfers and vice versa. We had two sisters leave and three new get put in! 

This week was also quite an adventure for another reason. Sister Beck got cellulitis from an infection in her finger, so we had to go to the emergency room and ended up in the hospital for 24 hours. Luckily she is doing okay now! I was able to go out with our sister training leaders for the day to their area, and then to a lesson with Diana that night. Then it was back to the hospital to stay overnight! So many senior missionaries visited Sister Beck and brought us both goodies. We felt so loved! 

On Thursday we had a lot of appointments and the best one was with Doug! He's a friend of Jennifer in our ward that we've taught once before. Jennifer is so awesome because she also invited her neighbor Peggy over, but that's a different story. Doug is set for baptism on January 7th! He says he reads the Book of Mormon for a half hour each night!! :)

This weekend was the best because all the sisters in the mission had a special fireside with Young Women General President Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson! She is so amazing I loved being able to hear her testimony in person and getting the chance to talk with her afterwards. Plus we were wearing matching maroon turtlenecks so I don't know what could get better than that :) ..Except for church the next day because Diana, Doug, and this part member family, the Searles, were all there!!! I could've cried it was so happy. 

This Saturday at 12 is Diana's baptism! We have a few more commandments to go over with her and then she has her interview on Wednesday. I can't believe it's actually happening but she is so ready!! :)

I hope everyone has a blessed week! Don't drive down any hills when it snows. 10/10 would not recommend. 

Sister Irwin

1. Baby Church is going to Kearney! 
2. Orton leaving the trail center too :(
3. Hospital sleepover!
4. Gingerbread hosting at the Kanesville Tabernacle :)

Here is a picture of us with Sister Oscarson and one of the whole TC family!

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