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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh my gravy! November 28, 2016

Hopefully everyone had a happy turkey day! This Thanksgiving was definitely one for the books. 

Rewinding a few days...we had our second lesson with Diana on Tuesday and it turns out she went over the chapter we assigned her to read FOUR times and said she'd have no problem with getting rid of coffee! Quick someone pinch me! Ahh I just love her so much. 

We surprised Diana by raking all the leaves in her yard right before we had dinner #1! The Rodriguez family made authentic Mexican food complete with rice, corn, tamales, popusas, and cheesecake. The best part of all wasn't even the food. Diana told her brother that she's getting baptized!! We were all dying inside because she waited almost a week to say anything to anyone. She started crying and they hugged; it was a precious moment caught on film! After that excitement, we hurried over to dinner #2 at the trail center with everyone. We had a traditional meal prepared by our wonderful senior missionaries. Then came the program by us sisters that I was asked to plan! There were musical numbers, spiritual thoughts, testimonies, and a skit that Sister Chappell was in charge of. Then to finish the night off with some laughs, we watched The Best Two Years! Twas a good day. :)

The new Christmas initiative is out!! I would like to invite everyone to check out and to participate in the world wide day of service on December 1st and the Light the World advent calendar! This time of year we need to focus even more on our Savior because He truly is the light, the life, and the truth. Go watch the video! What are you waiting for?? :) - no promises that you won't cry because I do every time. 

Have great week. Be a light to someone. 🔆

Sister Irwin

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