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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Time Traveling November 6, 2015

Hello all!! :) So on Saturday night I did something that I've never experienced before..daylight savings! UT is now the same time AZ because I guess they "fall back" in the fall. How weird! I love Sundays here at the mtc because instead of just being in classes for 9 hours we have a bunch of meetings and get to listen to some awesome speakers. This past week the whole mission met for a conference and the topic was on families. Families are so great and I know we're in the ones that we are for a reason! I'm grateful for mine and all of their support for the past 19+ years and I love them so much. If you haven't today already, go tell your fam that you love them! Guess what else I love?? Christmas! There are lights already being set up outside and they're BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait for the holidays!

This past week was a sad one because we said goodbye to all of our elders! They have grown so much in just the two weeks that I've known them! Afterwards, the girls in my room and I cried all the way down the five flights of stairs and ate half of our candy stash when we got back to our residence hall. :/ Although it was hard to see them go, I know they will be awesome out in the field! Before our zone leaders left I was able to get a blessing of comfort from them. It's common for a lot of sisters to do that before they leave the mtc, and I don't leave until next Wednesday but I got so close to our ZLs that I wanted them to be the ones to give me it. The blessing was just what I needed, and some of what was said when I got set apart was even repeated. Blessings are the best. :)

Exciting news! I started visitors center training this week and there's 20 of us sisters! It's amazing to think that there are over 88,000 missionaries currently serving, and only 600 something are at a visitors center/historic site. These girls that I'm spending time with are from all parts of the world! Besides the US, they're from Honduras, Korea, Switzerland, Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Spain. Talk about diversity! They are all so sweet and it's such a privilege to work with them. It strengthens my testimony of God's love for all His children no matter what part of the world they come from. Okay small world, there's a sister here named Kayli Bowen from Gilbert (a lot of you probably know her). Apparently she was also in the San Marcos singles ward before we got here and we never met until now! Something even more awesome is one of our teachers also served in Winter Quarters! It's nice to have the inside scoop of what to expect. :) Learning about visitors centers and what we get to do is so much fun! There's this whole online chat system where people can ask questions about the church and we get to teach them. Sister Hutchison and I already got to chat with two people yesterday!

Well that's about it for this week! 

Love you all so much!
-Sister Irwin :)

PS. This with Sister Hutchison and our cute investigator Ivy who dressed up as toothpaste for Halloween! I'll send more pictures in a reply to this email because the computers are still being dumb with attachments so my apologies. :)

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