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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Bless her and her family with rays of sunshine" May 2, 2017

Hello hello!
We were on shift yesterday so that's why we're emailing today. Next week our P day will be on Tuesday again because it's our temple day, so don't be surprised when your inbox is empty again on Monday. :)

Sam is on fire!!!! He is killing the game. If the gospel was a game? It's not. It's really serious stuff. But still, he's doing so well. We were able to meet with him 5 times this past week! We set him for May 13th, and he said "Yea man let's do it!" Ahh!! :D Word of wisdom? Law of chastity? Fasting? No problem. We asked him who of his friends he could share the gospel with and he said they all need it. We taught Sam about keeping the Sabbath day holy yesterday. Before that, on Sunday, he was about to call an uber to drive him home and we mentioned that we try not to have others work on Sundays; he ended up walking home! He is so awesome. 

Sunday was actually a super duper exciting day! The Council Bluffs YSA ward combined with ours, so we had a TON of new people at church. It was packed! And if that wasn't exciting enough...we had not one, not two, but SEVEN non members at church! *happy tears* It definitely wasn't all from us, some of our members brought their friends because they're cool like that. Bishop Biggs taught a combined second hour class, and he really stressed the idea of loving everybody. No matter who they are or what they do, love them anyway! He also talked about what we can do to have the Spirit with us always:
*Remember the Savior
*Study the scriptures
*Love others
*Prepare for the sacrament

On teaching center I was able to have a lesson with a sweet lady named Virginia over the phone. She had a rough upbringing and ended up running away at age 12. She recognized the voice of the Spirit at an early age, and she said that's what kept her alive on her own. She loves God and wants to be a missionary! Virginia's neighbor came over while we were talking and she asked if she wanted any scriptures for her family as well! She loved the message of the Restoration and ended up saying a beautiful closing prayer. That's where the title of my email comes from this week. :)

Sister Irwin

1-3. FHE minute to win it games (Sam beat Tanner and Nick at an eating contest...and then we gave the rest of the brownies and ice cream to homeless people)
4. Tried alligator at Voodoo Taco!
5. Came home from church just in time to our neighbor's apartment flooding
6. Took Sam on a tour and Bishop's son Josh came too!

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