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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Nothing more beautiful than a full font January 23, 2017

It's official! Doug is a member! Saturday was a happy day indeed. :) It was so good to see everyone again and get some more pictures. Brother Huey had to dunk him twice which was a little funny but they got him the second time! Also his two kids, and non-member friend Peggy were there!! This was such a great experience to see him progress so much, and it's a huge testimony builder for me of how simple member missionary work can be! Doug found out that Sister Castillo was Mormon and asked her lots of questions to the point where she just referred him to us! Piece of cake! Doug is so funny, he says he used to hide from the missionaries...and now he's best friends with them. ;)

Let's see what else happened this week...

Sister Firth and I took our sweet less active Brookelyn on teamups with us! We visited Ben and tried a few potentials. She said she felt so much love when she was serving with us. :)

We also got permission to do some proselyting around the UNO campus! It's super convenient because it's right across from the institute building. It's like the perfect YSA hunting ground! We talked to a couple people but no one was super interested. We'll try again later this week. 

Wednesday night was institute and Alexis came! She hasn't been to church in a while, but she's been coming to some activities lately which is awesome. She's a body builder and looks intimidating but really she's a big softie and has a strong testimony. And she's so fun! We made a deal that she's going to come on teamups with us and also be our personal trainer haha! She even gave us some of her protein packed food.

Then on Friday night we got to eat dinner with Sarah and the rest of the Kosmicki's from Walnut Creek! It was like a big happy family reunion. Also their daughter Julianne and Jake got sealed on Saturday! So much love.

Keep the faith baby!

Sister Irwin

1. One more pic with the Crandalls! 
2. The Whittles 
3. The Clarks 
4. Doug's baptism!!!!
5. 3 generations with Sister Harden and Ruth haha
6. Ward mission leader Brother Lemieux!
7. Caught him smiling :)
8. Us, Peggy, Doug, Alex, Hannah, Sister Castillo

15 months

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