Hello friends! :) I am currently serving as a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Nebraska Omaha Mission. I'll be emailing home every week for the 18 months that I'm in the Cornhusker state; my amazing mom will be the one posting them on this here blog. Interested in church history? Come on down to the Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters and I might just be there to give you a tour!

"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Friday, May 20, 2016

Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked...‏ May 19, 2016

Hey friends!

Remember when we got locked out of our house last Monday? The same guy
Dawson came to let us in and we talked to him about what we do as
missionaries and gave him a pass along card. He ended us texting us
saying thank you and that he's always been interested in religion! He
accepted to meet with the missionaries in his area!! :)

On Tuesday we visited with Sister Holmes and washed her hair because
it's hard for her to get around and she can't do it herself. She is
one of the most humble and optimistic people I've ever met! She is so
sweet and told us stories from when she served a mission.

The trail center is getting crazy since it's almost summer! I'm so
grateful for the opportunities we still have to teach on the online
teaching center as well. - check it out. :) I've talked
with people all over the world like Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa,
and even France! We still keep in touch with our friend Patrick from
Indiana and he is visiting with sisters in his local area as well. It
is amazing to see how technology is hastening the work of sharing the

Friday night we had ward coordination dinner at Raising Canes with our
mission leader Brother Meyer. The assistants, Elder Sherman and Elder
Smith, are in Eagle Run too! It's kinda awkward working close with
elders sometimes but it's always a party!

Saturday was Florence Day! Celebrating the history here in Omaha. We
were in a parade and dressed up as pioneers; I felt like I was back at
trek! We also had a mini concert at the park afterwards and one of our
members, Amber, showed up! It was so much fun and it brought a lot of
people into the trail center.

OK, time for the greatest miracle of all this week! Yesterday morning
on shift a guy named Glen came in from out of state on a business
trip. He has been less active for a few years because he's a truck
driver and is constantly on the road for his work. He said he's only
able to go to church a few times a year. We got to the end of the tour
and I asked if he was going to church today. He said probably not
since he only had his semi and he didn't want to drive that and didn't
have church clothes. We invited him to ours that started in a half
hour. It just so happened that the sisters who had borrowed our car
for their church called and said the battery was dead. So Elder and
Sister Whittle offered to give us a ride to church and Glen agreed to
come with!!! :) He was so incredibly grateful and said it was almost
an immediate answer to a prayer. I know that God has a plan and that
He hears and answers all of our prayers, maybe not in the way we
expect Him too but I promise they are answered! I know that we can all
be the answer to someone else's prayer if we have the courage to just
open our mouths and invite others to come unto Christ! The church is
true folks.

Sister Irwin

P.S. Tired and sunburned pioneers went for a well needed sonic run

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