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"As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, February 1, 2016

Honey, you got a big storm comin!‏ February 1, 2016

People have been talking for a week about this blizzard that's
supposed to hit tomorrow like it's the end of the world! At first they
said only a couple three inches but now they're saying it's going to
be a foot and a half and that the winds will be crazy. Ahh!

This week for service we helped the LeGrow's clean their house because
they're moving. I feel like people are constantly moving in and out of
the area because there's so many families in the military.

On Friday night we had a musical fireside at the trail center that
members and investigators could attend! For those of you who don't
know what a fireside is, there isn't actually a fire, it's just a
fancy term for a devotional. I found that out when I went to my first
one when I turned 12...sad day. However, the Spirit of God burns like
a fire so maybe that's how they got the name! :) I didn't perform that
night but the next morning at training I sang Love One Another while
Sister Durrant did sign language which was cool.

Transfers are this week!! Brower, Durrant, Powell, Trusty, and
Togisala are all going home. :( But 6 new sisters are coming which is
so exciting! Big changes are to come.

We had exchanges this week with Sister Johnson and Sister Yancey! It
was so fun I love them. They are the bees knees. We didn't get a good
picture on Saturday so we just took one now in the library! My
favorite thing from exchanges is when Sister Yancey and I visited with
an elderly lady from her ward that's in a care center because of her
dementia. It was hard for her to grasp what we were talking about
because of her mental state but we sang I am a Child of God with her
and she knew all the words! I love the power of music. I know that all
of us really are children of our loving Heavenly Father. When we come
to understand our divine nature there is nothing we can't do when we
rely on Him.

Sister Irwin

One more thing! The Hettinger family is my all time favorite I feel
like I talk about them so much. Yesterday in chuch, Brother Hettinger
let us borrow his ipad to read a talk on and we took a picture of us
to set as his wallpaper for funsies. We get to their house for dinner
and our picture is taped to the front window. We walk inside and see
our faces everywhere! The kids had fun putting the pictures in random
spots like this one haha. :)

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